choeurMAtmen wants to heighten the general public’s appreciation of contemporary dance through artistic initiatives not only with schoolchildren, e.g. Art pour grandir, hospital patients, e.g. Culture à l’hôpital, and seniors but also with anyone interested in getting involved in the company’s projects, which are funded by the council of the 19th arrondissement and the Paris City Council. We wish to involve different types of population in an artistic practice, enabling participants to encounter themselves and others through the body, movement and dance.

Dance enables people to reveal their creativity, explore unfamiliar places, approach their bodies differently, look at themselves in a new way, think about art and experience special adventures with themselves and others.

The workshops are closely linked to the company’s artistic research and are based on the themes dealt with in its current dance pieces.
“The approach in the workshops is similar to that employed in our dance pieces. It is about getting participants involved in the company’s artistic process. This is why the artists we work with – musicians, visual artists and video artists – are also involved in our artistic initiatives and hold workshops focusing on the choreographic proposals. The idea is to immerse workshop participants in the act of creating as practised by our company.” Françoise Tartinville

The aim of most of these workshops is to create and perform a dance piece and so enable people to participate in a collective creative experience. This allows us to share a special moment together and form a bond with the general public.
Take Choeur masculine. In connection with the dance piece Blanc Brut, this exclusively male workshop explores representations of masculinity in order to use them in an individual and group choreographic approach, a “choir” based on breathing and movement. The goal of this workshop was to create a dance piece (with a specific protocol) that could be performed just as well indoors as outdoors and later by other participants.