While studying Art History at the prestigious School of Louvre as well as multimedia, Françoise Tartinville starts developing her interest for dance and body. She first attends the course of Jacques Lecoq in Paris, and later trains in contemporary dance. She draws the sources of her work as well from the contemporary dance (Marion Lévy…), African dance (Elsa Wolliaston…), the internal and external martial arts as in the practice of Yoga, the analysis of movement (Véronique Larcher, Blandine Calais- Germain…) and the researches proposed by Body-Mind Centering ®.

She founds the company Atmen in 2003 and creates L’accident linéaire, a play on the poetics of the mourning and the theme of the line, in reference to the myth of Fates. This first piece is marked by her research for a sober and bare writing.

Then Pur sucre is born in 2006. This performance, which she interprets with Grégo Edelein, questions the relationship between the inside and the outside. The work involves dance and video. In 2009, she conceives C extra for two female dancers, Déborah Lary and Véronique Weil. This show articulates around our new relationship to the intimacy via the new technologies. The choreographic work and the direction are created here in close collaboration with an interactive set up. Intérieur crème corresponds to a new stage of the work. Freed from any narrative weft, the choreographic material, focused on a dancer, tightens on a single subject of research: the respiratory movement. Besides the work with her company, Françoise Tartinville proposes workshops privileging an approach of the movement mainly based on the breath and the dissociation of the movement.